Snow Lady


I took this picture of Leucanthemum ‘Snow Lady‘ before planting her outside in the back garden, she is rather lovely, clean, white, bright, fresh as a daisy, but how will she fare now she’s outside; will she stay clean and white, will she survive! Greenfly, slugs, snails, wind, too much rain, too little rain, planting anything is an act of faith, and also of hope. Once upon a time ‘Snow Lady’ was no more than a grain of hope, a seed which a gardener took and sowed…

Three babies were bought to be baptised yesterday, clean, fresh as daisies; they were bought in faith, in hope with prayer to receive the sign of the cross, to be baptised. I know, not all Christian churches receive little ones like this, many parents desire to let their children make their own decision when old enough, yes, it is true, some will never get around to doing that; yes it’s equally true that not every parent or godparent is going to keep the promises made on a child’s behalf, it’s vexing and arguable, but, if these three little ones had been carried to Jesus, would He have turned them away with no blessing, no prayer?

When the first baby photos are taken we can’t see, we don’t see what will be, we don’t see how a child will turn out that is the truth, and it is also true that in creating human beings, although the Almighty had more than an idea of what would be, and how things would certainly turn out – He still did it anyway!

What do you think?
Is God the best example we have of sowing in faith and hope?
What does that say of the value, the promise the potential of all of us, what does it say about the Love of God for the whole of creation?

I leave these questions with you, as seeds for your thoughts or otherwise?

…,The Best Is a Yet To Be…

The lady speaker was about to retire and as she finished her message gave to each listener a bookmark, I have treasured mine for many years. My journal recalls my feelings at that time; the words were an encouragement which carried the sense that their giver was our Father, of whom we sing,

You are older than the world can be,
You are younger than the life in me.
Ever old and ever new,
Keep me travelling along with you.”

(From the Hymn One more Step along the world I go” -Sidney Carter b1915)

In my early twenties, the word of The Lord came to me, “Keep faith sweetheart” Not keep the faith but keep faith. Seems to me, that the two expressions have very different meaning, to keep faith with The Lord is to do just that to stand by the promises we make, to put our hand in His to walk where He leads, even if we don’t know where we are going in the human way of knowing, or when we are doubtful of afraid.

We walk by faith not by sight.

Years fly by, but what are a thousand years to the Maker of them?

We are both older now, the giver of the bookmark is still witnessing and teaching from the scriptures, and the one who received still content to keep on travelling along with God, and discovering every day that His best, is poured out for me, every day something new, the Joy of the Lord is the strength of my heart.


A Fresh Take on the Wilderness Experience

Bit busy at the moment, getting ready for a big,big, clear up in the churchyard. A community get together with scouts, school children, moms and dads, grans and grandpas … and folk from the Mosque in a neighbouring town all getting together, showing their love and care for neighbours…

Got an seemingly unsolvable problem?

Always remember,

“If The Lord cannot come himself, he always sends.

God bless those who are always willing to be ‘sent


On Active Service – Christian Commitment

What is commitment?

One of the definitions of this word in my dictionary says that ‘a commitment is an engagement or duty that restricts freedom of action’

What about Christian commitment?
Aren’t we told, that to be a Christian is to be truly free?

Now join the army Mr Jones and you will find your freedom of action restricted, you will have to follow orders.

Recently like heard a sermon about Christian baptism and the passage in Romans chapter 6, where we are taught that all of us, no exceptions who were baptised into Christ Jesus were baptised into his death.

“Imagine, ” the speaker said, “you are a bystander watching a squad of a a Roman soldiers marching a man through the streets, a man carrying a cross, condemned to death by crucifixion. You know, don’t you what the outcome of that committal is going to be… Well then when it comes to ourself, do we realise that we are called to same level of commitment as the man carrying the cross.”

Let’s think awhile, The Lord Jesus could have dodged his death on the cross, he could have walked
away from it any time, up until that fateful moment in Gethsemane when he accepted the cup poured to for him (and for us).

We pray, don’t we,

‘The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us all evermore.’

Jesus showed us His Grace, by his obedience to the Father’s will, the Father showed us His Love by sending His Son to die for us, we share in the fellowship of rich love between them both by our sharing love amongst ourselves.

Paul, rich in grace himself, writes to Timothy (2 Timothy 2:3), “join with me in suffering like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”

A few days ago I was given a small gift (see picture) a replica edition of An Active Service John’s Gospel, produced by the Scripture Gift Mission during the First World War. Hundreds of thousands of these tiny books were issued to soldiers in training camps,and in tea huts, some given to the wounded by nurses, some handed out by chaplains. Designed to fit in the front pocket of a uniform they had rounded corners that wouldn’t crease and at the back a decision form. The decision form page, came to be there at the request of Chaplains. Who hoped that those who were invited to sign it would draw comfort from their gesture of commitment when facing their fears of death. We are told that very many did do this, and found comfort and peace .. we are told also that when a soldier died his possessions were returned to his family who sometimes discovered a signed decision page from a man who had, never shown any interest at all in the faith before and they too were comforted. Often the signed form in the little book was the only identification found on a body.

I have been moved by this tiny Gospel; it reminds me that I too have committed to Active Service – I pray for strength, courage and the Grace of The Lord Jesus, to be a good soldier of Christ Jesus, true to by baptism, my calling and commitment.


A Giant Felled

Finally, fateful decision, made the Buddleia has been reduced to two heaps of branches and several large bags of green foliage; this was a giant of Buddleia kind, home to, possibly, several millions of butterfly, and moth caterpillars: I had known it since it was a twig, the decision was painful but necessary, during rainstorms a year it two back, it’s roots had slipped in the soft earth and it no longer grew upright but diagonally, a 14ft giant blocking the path and effectively cutting off the rest of the garden.

It took 3 of us 4 hours to commit this crime. I did feel a criminal the destroyer of worlds, but I notice my friends the Robins. Thrushes and Tits seem to have taken its passing remarkably well and I now have a sizeable piece of ground to plant again, this time with smaller plants. But all the same I miss it…

I have been musing that some church fellowships have their giants, like my beautiful Buddleia, we have known them since we or they were twigs: they have been so good, so great, how would we do or manage without them if suddenly, they aren’t with us anymore.

Might we not become aware of those smaller church members, we hardly noticed before, and find that they are just as kind, just as attractive. Because you know, I think the Heavenly Gardener hasn’t invested all his sweetness, grace and gifts in one or even a few of us,

But to each of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it”(Ephesians 4 v7)

Now a photo of 2 heaps of wood is hardly an encouraging sight, so I decided to use this one, the bees just love the Lupins and the birds like to feast on the seeds, to remind myself that The Lord’s sweetness is shared out .. Some to the small as well to the great.


Such a Person


I count myself very fortunate that I do know one or two such persons. TheWannabeSaint is a good site to follow?😃

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“Someone who takes pity and lends, who is disposed to be compassionate, quick to render assistance, who believes that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving, who easily forgives but is not easily angered, who will never seek to be avenged, and will in all things take thought for his neighbor’s needs as if they were his own.

Such a person is overflowing with affectionate kindness, making himself all things to all men yet pricing his deeds like something discarded in order to be ever and everywhere ready to supply to others what they need, in a word, so dead to himself that he lives only for others.”

-Bernard of Clairvaux


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Pentecost Pearl Seekers

Lord, we wait.
Our prayer a breath.

Wait like a bride,
for the kiss of the bridegroom;
Wait like a ship in harbour
for the tide;
Wait like Eagle on mountain top,
Until heated by the Sun, thermal currents rise,
Then plunging into air she flies-
On wings of
perfect trust.

Lord with,
The kiss of your breath,
Quicken our heartbeat,
Ready us to sail with the tide
On impulse of your love,
Warm us until wings beating as one,
We trust ourself to the Spirit’s power,
And to You in unity

Lord you call,
“Come fly;
Come take ship with me;
Come take my hand.
Let us go together,
seeking Pentecost Pearls.
A ship was meant to sail.
An Eagle to fly.
Bride to dance with Bridegroom-
Let us sail with the tide,
with Tidings of Love”

“Amen,” says the Bride.
” My love is yours.
We sail with the tide.”