Rainy, blue days

I am thinking that I am getting older, I suppose it takes everyone awhile to acknowledge that. Today I have made a decision, just the one and that is to take some time out for myself. It is true this summer is definitely rained off… The ground is waterlogged, the side paths down to the bottom of the churchyard are beginning to resemble bog more than path, and snails, slugs and the like are super abundant; but no butterflies. Not a single flash of white or blue hovering around the luxuriant Budelia whose branches heavy with rain are threatening to cut off the pathway winding down my garden. Really, it should be easy in such circumstances to consider myself grounded and take a home retreat. In reality that is not what I find. The washing basket is demanding attention, there is always the odd corner in need of a dust, and the phone does n’t take a day off. So, here I am weary, rained off, determined not to notice that I am getting older and about to plant out Lupins and Primulas, lovely blue ones and wishing for a flash of blue … Just a tiny hint of a butterfly wing on a rainy day, thinking to myself even the boldest little Bird is huddled up in its nest


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