What shall I plant?

“Do not plant two kinds of seed in your vineyard; if you do, not only the crops you plant but also the fruit of the vineyard will be forfeited.” (Deuteronomy 9v12)

Now what seed shall I plant in my life’s vineyard? Shall it be my own word, or the Lord’s? His Way or Mine?

Those are the questions of many who come to stand at a cross roads. Yesterday, 1st September marked the Patronnal Festival of St Giles of Provence, many churches built at cross roads and in wooded areas were Named for this Saint in the Middle Ages. Including our little church.  St Giles seems to have arrived in Britain  with William the Conqueror and the 1st Church on our hill was built soon after the Conqueror decided to stay and began to build castles.  Once upon a time the hill was surrounded by forest, and the deer ran freely, so freely that  Kings hunted here.  The legend of Saint Giles tells us that he himself was Royalty, a Prince, the son of King Theodore and Queen Pelagia of Athens but Giles chose a different way of life and left behind a Royal Court with all its pleasures and the politics of his day, the celebrity life was not for him.  Giles chose the solitary life and a life of prayer and meditation lived in a hermitage shielded by the forest near the Banks of the River Rhone.  A quiet life which was rudely disturbed the day that King Wamba out hunting with his court pursued a fleeing hind straight to the saint’s doorstep. Giles took the arrow meant for the deer, who had been his companion.  King Wamba was impressed with this kindly saint’s gentleness and eventually perusaded him to accept some disciples to teach and the building of a Monastery which Giles ruled as Abbot according to the Rule of St Benedict.

These days are full of choices, full of decisions… all things are possible and sometimes it is tempting for us to think that no choice or decision of our making can be wrong.Do what you want. Take what you want. The most important person in this world is me, myself. So what if there is poverty in the world, so what if people in the world are hurting? Just as long as it isn’t me.

Giles took the arrow meant for the deer; his love and gentless led him to instruct others  in caring, Would the many miracles of healing attributed to Giles have been possible, would the many Lazar and Alms Houses bearing his name have been founded. Would thousands of beggers, and travellers have found much sought after help?

What if Giles has ignored the word of God beating in his heart. What if He had been content with earthly position and power, what if fame and celebrity had been his choice?  What if the noise of earthly wisdom had drowned out the whisper of Christ, ” One thing you lack….. come and follow me.” (Mark 10:21)

What seed shall I plant? Whose word shall i follow? The Lord’s way or mine?


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