A Black Bird Cannot Become a White One

I keep a journal of those things which God shows, and careful notes of every word the Spirit breathes; often it is only after several weeks, month and sometimes years before I fully understand their significance.
Sometimes, I find they are words of personal guidance, stepping stones. Sometimes I consider them as being more like Way Stones which mark the place where I am; I mean, I may be puzzled or troubled by an event or circumstance, and at such times I am led to just the right page in my journal and find what I need for the present day. The LORD goes before us and provides; He is Jehovah-jireh (Genesis 22.14).
In this way, over many years, I have learnt the value of watching and listening, patience, waiting, trusting and obeying. I have never been disappointed in my ‘Personal Trainer’

However, I don’t always have to wait. Sometimes the Lord’s pictures, (Julian of Norwich called them shewings) are easily understood and the word relating to them immediate, like this one:

I was shown a Blackbird and the Lord said, “Know that a black bird cannot become a white bird, but a white one can be soiled-black. Soiled by sin, therefore God’s people are counselled to keep their garments white. Evil people will never receive warning and change their ways and can never do good; good people can be tempted and fall.’

Hmm! Sin is a dirty word these days; as are discipline, patience, trusting and obeying.

Shortly after this the Spirit showed me a Gymnast and I watched as she launched herself into the air, turning and tumbling like an elegant bird in flight.
Now Eagles know that their young can fly, and that tipped out of the nest their young ones will spread their wings and soar: an Olympic Coach knows what his protege can achieve; the Coach knows how to cultivate the best in his student, how to correct bad habits of posture and technique. The Coach is teaching an eagle how to fly… but his student has to trust, accept guidance and the discipline being laid down … before gold medals are won.
God knows his people better than we know ourselves, the Lord alone is Judge of all hearts, all thoughts and motives are open to him, he wishes only the best for us all.. why is it that we find it so hard to discipline ourselves and avoid that dirty word, sin?
I think I will always remember that a black bird cannot become a white one, but a white one can become a black bird.


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