Where Good Things Are Forever

Look, Lord, some spider has dared to spin a web across the gate, just above the lock…
I can just manage to turn the key, gently, so I won’t disturb it and break its fragile form…
It is beautiful, Lord, with rain drops caught in it; jewelled lace, sparkly in autumn’s golden light.
Only here for a moment; then gone.
Sometimes I think that it is the way it always is with this world’s loveliest things.
We can’t get a sunrise or sunset to stay,
rainbows don’t last a day,
snowflakes melt in our hand,
and, smiles don’t linger.

But it’s good to know that a day will come with no more crying!

Lord, hear a prayer for those whose suffering and pain just won’t go.
Comfort them,
smile on those who care for them and yearn for relief for their distress,
Remember lives here are fragile, Lord, like spider webs and snowflakes;
help us to trust the word of the Angel standing at the Gate, pointing to where the River flows from Your throne, and the Healing Leaves of the Tree of Life.

Autumn leaves are falling here, Lord but there, in Your Garden, all beautiful, all good things last for ever.


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