Jesus is the love to be loved

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2013 is, I think, going to be a difficult year.

Already, with only five days gone people are looking for a shoulder to cry on, many I know are facing conflict, hardship and difficult decisions.

Tomorrow is the First Sunday of Epiphany in the Calendar of the church, the first Sunday of four over which we think of the Three Kings, (Magi) visiting Christ in his lowly abode, His Baptism and the Father’s testimony of His Son, the changing of the water into wine at Cana, in other words we think of the ways in which the divinity of Jesus is made manifest. 

I think of the manger bed, the poverty and hardships of the times in which Jesus lived and reflect on my own times and how I can show a ‘little’ bit of my God in them; I find myself pondering these words from Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Jesus is the Word to be spoken.

Jesus is the Truth to be told.

Jesus is the Way to be walked.

Jesus is the Light to be lit.

Jesus is the Life to be lived.

Jesus is the Love to be loved.

If I remember these words, perhaps my shoulder will be more comfortable for someone who needs it; and however dark the days ahead may be for me, I have the light of Christ to lighten them and no one ever loves God unless He first loves them; Love is the treasure which Mary held in her arms.

Jesus is the Love to be loved and held.


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