Bees and Peas

Our Grandmothers say,
‘Mind your Ps and Qs;
But the Spirit says,
‘Mind your Bees and Peas’

Study the bees
Their bizzzziness is Honey.

Tend your sweet peas,
Can’t be bought with money;

Patience, Peace Purity

My Precious Honey!
Not sold for money.

I find myself remembering these words which came at a vey busy time, quite frequently at present, 2013 is promising to be full of more busy, busy days. There is a scripture verse which also seems timely, particularly it’s last words,

‘Be patient with everyone.’ (1 Thessalonians 5: 14)

I don’t want to forget what kind of person I should be, as I play Martha’s role, I still need Mary’s listening ear! And, although non of my busy-ness earns a copper, it is a welcome thought that patience, peace and purity have more value in the Lord’s eyes than the best monetary offering I can give.
To anyone who reads these words, ‘Grace and Peace’ from Jesus be with you and a double portion of his precious honey!

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