Was The Water Cold, Lord?

Was the water cold or warm? When Jesus came to John to be baptised.

Last Sunday a married lady was baptised, an unusual event in an Anglican Church where babies are christened. This lady faces the loss of a loved one in the future and this was a brave commitment by some one not born into the Christian Faith, I admire her courage and found myself wondering:

Was it cold, Lord,
The water was it cold?
As you stepped down from the bank,
into the river, was the water cold?
And, did you know,
even then,
dearly beloved Son of God,
what lay ahead, in the future,
wrapped in the Father’s will for you?

When I come to the edge
of what is now,
preparing to step into future,
All, I ask,
is your Hand in mine,
The seal of the Spirit on my brow,
and, His Peace,
the Peace of gentle dove
settling in my heart:
and I am ready to start,
A New Life in you.

I am wondering was the water, warm or cold for you, when you decided to follow God’s dearly beloved Son?

2 thoughts on “Was The Water Cold, Lord?

  1. Lovely poem and thoughts. My husband and I were baptized in a local river on a Sunny, September afternoon. The water was very cold, but I was so happy to finally be baptized that I didn’t mind…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. I was baptised by full immersion at a non denominational church on a Palm Sunday the water was besutifully warm and ‘heaven came down and glory filled my soul.’ Am sure you know the rest of the words

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