One Heart at a Time

The Lord Jesus claims one heart at a time for His Kingdom.

The story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem, the King on the donkey captures our imagination and our hearts; the crowds, the waving palm branches, coats strewn in the donkey’s path, all make us want to join in with the great shout, Hosanna – glory, glory in the highest!

Yet Luke tells us (Luke 19″ 41-44) that seeing Jerusalem as He approached Jesus wept. Jesus wept with a heart moved with compassion for a city and a people who despite their jubilation had not recognised the Way of the Kingdom He was bringing.

Perhaps,our Lord weeps today looking at a world where so many hearts still do not accept the message of the Kingdom of Peace, perhaps He weeps now for those who not accepting God’s will and Way prefer hatred and conflict to love and peace.

I picture the crowds who called my Lord King and then chose another, Barabbas to live while Jesus died on a cross with a notice nailed to it ‘King of the Jews.’

And then my thoughts return to His heart moved with love and compassion for fickle, changeable human hearts. I believe that lovely heart still reaches out in love to claim One heart at a time for the Kingdom of God; and I marvel, that One heart is All to Jesus and that His joy is made complete when One heart whispers back, ‘Jesus You are all to me.’

What moved your heart to love His?

This I know, the Kingdom is not about head counts but about the meeting of hearts.


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