Through The Night

Silently, His finger on my lips,
Safely, wrapped in His wings.

My beloved is mine and I am hIs,
He browses amongst the lilies.
(Song of Songs 2 v16)

I love waking in the night, the night time can be sacred, holy, just me and The Lord,, nothing in between.

Why silently because every need, every want, every trouble is already known to God, there is nothing to be said, and all busy thoughts are stilled, in God I know at such times, only rest, only peace.

And safely? Is there anything in the whole of creation, either seen or unseen that can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord? (Romans 8 v39?

So I pray you may pass through your nights,
Silently, His finger on your lips,
Safely, wrapped in His wings. Amen


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I'm grateful to God for all the blessings of this life but a pilgrim on earth and a stranger. Blessed with many friendships, happy to be a friend to all who are seeking ....

5 thoughts on “Through The Night”

  1. I never before thought of talking to God while I’m awake during the night. Maybe He’s trying to get me to talk with him because I wake up at night A LOT!!

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