“Like A Weaned Child”

Prickly Babies

Once, I was a child, a baby in Christ; a tearsome, troublesome child to whom the Spirit said, “You are like a little hedgehog, always on the defensive, always rolled tightly into your ball; sadly your spines grow inwardly.”

This was all too true.

But God is good,and

‘He gives food to every creature.’ (Psalm 136 v5).

Everyday the Lord provided this hedgehog with spiritual milk and hand reared me, now, I grown, my days are busy and full but I am still being nurtured and hand reared; with the psalmist I can say,

‘Like a weaned child with its mother, I am content’ (Psalm 131 v2)

3 thoughts on ““Like A Weaned Child”

  1. This is true for me too, and so, so beautifully said.
    And OMG THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!!! Never seen a hedgehog before, baby or otherwise. They are adorable!

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