First Things First

First things first and that is thank you to iggandfriends and Elizabeth Yalian at http:/ hiseyeonthissparrow for their kind nominations for awards; I haven’t taken them up on this but feel it very right to express that I felt both touched and grateful; however I really don’t think my small effort merits awards, but, perhaps one day I may be fortunate enough to reach their own high standards and those of other writers in WordPress.

Perhaps, also one day I may be able to match the courage, frankness and generosity of spirit of some of the over-comers on WordPress in their ongoing struggles with addictions, personal hurts and all kinds of weakness. As a person who has been graciously spared so many of this life’s battles, I admire the strength of character of people like Robin Claire over at a Christian Overcomer, and Wayne ‘At the Bottom of a Bottle’ and praise God for His grace in their lives. Although not exactly the same as nominating for an award here is my personal salute to them.

Then there are the writers, poets, artists, photographs and others, it would take quite a while to put into my poor words, how much I owe to each person I follow. WordPress is an inspiring community to belong to, and I am grateful to all those people I am meeting daily, to those who share my faith and beliefs and to those who do not, for opening a door and making me welcome in their small corner of the world, for sharing their talents, time, intellect, humour, humanity, and dare I word, much undervalued today, love.

2 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Thank you precious one, for mentioning me on your blog here. You don’t know how much this means to me; to be thought of in this way.
    love to you friend,

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