A Perfect world

ImageGoing to be in the garden today, smothered in sunscreen, getting dirty and in God’s company. If there was a word from Scripture to apply to this, it is probably the last part of verse 6 in chapter 1 of the Song of Songs:

“my own vineyard, I had to neglect.”

There comes a time when we just have to take care of our own world.

The poem was written by a young girl who died aged just 13 from a brain tumour, and is inscribed on a stone in a Memorial Garden in Bournville, a few miles from my home.

Josie’s Perfect World and a flourishing vineyard both need the hands of Adam and Eve working in partnership with the Creator to make it so!

A Perfect World

My perfect world would be,

No oil in the sea,

No pollution in the air,

Lots of tender loving care.

No more people committing crime,

Everybody to have spare time.

No more people cutting down trees,

Loads more plants for the bees.

Let everyone in the world be friends,

Before the world sadly ends.

My perfect world would be,

Everyone able to see

Everything at its


(Author: Josie McManus, aged 13 yrs)


May God bless the work of all our hands and make our vineyards flourish.

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