Prayer in the Ruins: Coventry

Coventry Cathedral together with the City of Coventry were totally destroyed during World War II although quite a distance from my home town, my Mom told me that the fiery glow in the sky was clearly seen from here.

A visit to the New Cathedral on a warm, sunny day last year made it possible to sit on a bench in the ruins to eat lunch and to read on the Prayer Panels in the ruins of the old one, the following prayer.


In Industry: God be in my hands
And in my making.
in the Arts: God be in my senses
And in my creating.
In the Home: God be in my heart
And in my loving.
In Commerce: God be at my desk
And in my trading.
In Suffering: God be in my pain
And in my enduring.
In Governance: God be in my plans
And in my deciding.
In Education: God be in my mind
And in my growing.
In Recreation: God be in my limbs
And in my leisure.

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts,
Heaven and earth are full of thy glory.

The prayer of a great city and its people, for a City is no city withouts it’s people, and all people need to belong. In Jeremiah (chapter 29:v7) Gods people are told to pray for the city to which they have been exiled, ‘because if it prospers, you to will prosper.’ Wise counsel, worth remembering.

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