“Follow the River”

These words, “Follow the River,” came to me, and the words which follow were my response….the scripture references were the ones which came to my mind. If the words “Follow the RIver,” had come to you, your response and thoughts may have been different, long ago I learnt that one word from The Lord speaks to different persons in different ways.

But to me the River is Prayer, and like Lydia (see Acts chapter 16) I am often to be found there.

“Follow the River,” you say Lord,
Help me, Lord to keep within the Spirits flow.
Where the River flows there is life,
And how much I want to live,
To flourish and bear fruit.

“Follow the River,”
If I follow, walking its banks,
I shall see where the fields are
watered and green,
I shall see the land of Havilah, bdellium and onyx stone;
I shall see fish swim and leap,
Birds skimming its waters,
All manner if strange creatures quenching their thirst,
I shall see the goodness of The Lord
In the land of the living.

“Follow the River”
If I follow the River home
To its source
Then my journey is upwards,
But you are the God who has given me
This mountain;
And in your name I shall arrive,
And stand within the Gates of the City,
Where the River flows from the throne of God.

Now my heart says,
“What more is to be said,”
The Lord is King,
For ever and ever

Scriptures: Genesis 2: 10-13, Ezekiel 47: 1-12, Revelation 22: 1-2

I invite you to “Follow the River” – and share your thoughts.


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