I Remember…

This post is for Terry my friend on WordPress who encouraged me to write down all I can recollect in 10 minutes, well I am one of those people who always start at the beginning and time starts now.

I remember my godmother telling that my words the night my brother, Edward, next in line was born were, “Oh he is going to cry a lot!” Yes, he did, as children he was the one who cried the most.

I am just 15 months older, born on a night when a blizzard blew at 68 Springfield Lane; my parent’s first born, a daughter and always slightly precocious, and always aware that God was looking over me.

My memories of Rose arriving 12 months later are more developed, Rose made her entry in March and was always going to boss her brothers about.

Next, 10 months later, came brother Charles Michael.. same address another snowy night. As you can gather, not many babies were born in Maternity Hospitals in those days and this brother came into the world 2 months prematurely. Young as I was, I do recall the ambulance and portable incubator arriving to take him directly to hospital to the intensive care he needed. I remember being taken to visit, not being allowed into the room, I was held up to see him through the glass window. It was 2/3 months before Mum and Dad were allowed to bring him home. Many premature babies died in those days, my grandmother thought Charles Michael would too. Mum and I knew differently. Faith is not something for grown-ups only. This brother was named by his nurses at an emergency baptism, he was named for the first in line for the throne, Charles Michael being two of Prince Charles’ names.

My Dad? Well if Mum was ill, Dad became Mum, cleaning washing cooking for us – most Dads do that well.

I remember that in my childhood days there was always something new to learn and I loved reading, anything would do, boxes, bottles the cartons the food came in, if it was there I would read it. As I left schooldays behind, my Headmistress told me, “You are one if those people who will never stop learning because you are in love with learning.”

My time is up, Terry, Sorry.

As I have been writing it strikes me, that my earliest memories with vivid recollections of snow and that same front (parlour) room where all four of us were born, may be a little unusual, however a good memory is what I have been blessed with and I hope and pray I will be able to retain this in my senior years. Remembering is important. It also occurs that although my days may not always have been easy, but they have been blessed, I have known God’s presence.

‘”For he knows our frame, he remembers that we are dust.”(Psalm 103:14)

5 thoughts on “I Remember…

  1. to be watched over and blessed …

    memory and gratitude woven into life like fine threads of beauty that shine from depths of the soul.

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