‘As Long as it is called ‘Today’

When I began this blog it was with the intention of sharing some of the things I have heard from the Spirit, Well listening and hearing are two things, and acting on them straightway is quite another; I rather fancy that I am not alone in that regard.

The Church Magazine is published every other month, and I am the Editor responsible for compiling, typing and printing. Every issue the deadline for contributions for the next Issue are clearly stated in the current one, and every weekly pew sheet clearly states the next deadline for the Magazine. I build in extra days because I know that there is always, someone, with something that will be late. Working on the typing untl 3:00am – is something I take in my stride.

Reading poetry this afternoon, I came across the following poem and share it with apologies to all my writer friends with this comment, if I were a writer, the words would probably fit my temperament quite well, especially the title, I think:-

The Lazy Writer

    In summer I’m disposed to shirk,
    As summer is no time for work.
    In winter inspiration dies
    For Lack of out-door exercise.
    In spring I’m seldom in the mood,
    Because of Vernal Lassitude.
    The fall remains. But such a fall!
    We’ve really had no fall at all.
    (Poet: Bert Leston Taylor)

    Love is not love until it is given away” Meaning love is not love at all until it is expressed by our actions. Love is a gift and need to be given, otherwise a lover is not a lover. Art is a gift and needs to be given … the drawing and painting cannot touch another heart until the picture is made on paper, or canvas, until the clay is moulded the potter is no potter. Likewise until the writing is done, the writer is no writer and his beautiful gift remains ungiven.

    To all of us to a lesser or greater extent is given the gift of encouragement:

    But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today.” Hebews 3:13

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