Keeping Faith

What is keeping faith?

Keeping faith I believe is just that. Remaining loyal to a marriage partner, your childhood sweetheart, your best friend your country, your church. The photo, I feel says it all and so does the 13th chapter 1 Corinthians.

It seems so difficult for marriage partners to stay together, nowadays. Should we be surprised that the same is true for Christians, remaining faithful to Christ has never been so difficult. Why?

Because Love is not what the nowadays folk want, or because love that keeps faith is costly?

I’m not thinking that couples should stay together when one partner is abused, the one who abuses is not loving in the first place, and yes the description of Love in this famous passage is the
description of a perfect man or woman, which under the sun, there has never been….except….one.

That one is The Lord Jesus Christ. The one who, despite our unfaithfulness remains faithful.

The price of perfect love for us is to let go and lose the self we know, to let it die and find it again, after searching for it, like a short sighted person does for their own face in a mirror, in the face of Jesus. I wonder, which of us will ever truly die to gain that perfect love. Christ died to put the wedding ring on His brides finger, He won’t ever remove it, despite suffering abuse from a henpecking, faithless bride every day (twice on Sundays) that ring is His love, his amazing grace!


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