A Christian Soldiers Prayer

The photo was taken on 28th September, The flag was loaned by R.A.F. Cosford and displayed inside church which was opened for people to use for prayer. The actual unveiling and dedication of the restored Memorial to the fallen of the1914-1918 war, taking place outside in the Churchyard.

The Union Flag used to. Veil the Memorial in the Churchyard was loaned by the newly formed Mercian Regiment. When I have the official photos. I will post some of them.

Yesterday, Sunday 29th September, was the 90th Anniversary of the present building on the Feast of St Michael’s and All Angels 1923.

This is the prayer of a devout Christian Soldier, called to the Banner of the Living God, and of our Saviour Jesus.

King of Angels,
strengthen Thy servant to wield the Sword of the Spirit,
Courage to trust in the Shield of Faith,
And in the armour of the Gospel.
Give wisdom also to recognise Thy foe,
Lest in my ignorance,
I wound Thy friend.
My zeal is not enough
Except it be directed by Thee.

(The armies of heaven were following him- Revelation 19 v14)


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