Showers of Blessing and Mrs You-Know-Who Plus Cake

Plip, plop, Plip, plop, Plip ……

There was a steady, rhythmic drip of water into a line of buckets tucked closely to the vestry wall, a smell of damp timbers and a puddle spreading out under the heavy, oak door; leaning on the mop I asked myself the question, why?

Why are places of worship singled out by thieves and targeted by vandals?

Mrs You- Know-Who was renowned as a Job’s comforter, “It’s because God has withdrawn his protection,” those would have been her words. Were she still alive, that is what she would have said; or rather pronounced in an authoritative tone implying that all us others must be guilty of some wrongdoing, and this was now pay back time , of course if Mrs You-Know-who had been the one who was the victim than that was pure wickedness on the offenders part and God would show them …

Not quite sure why dear Mrs You-Know-Who should have come to mind, yet I do mean dear because she was really a good soul at heart. In her last years, before being called home her great worry was that there would be no one to remember her. Her husband had died from wounds during the war, she was a widow in the true sense of the word with no children, no one left .. Yet the flower arrangers have n’t forgotten there is always a vase of flowers for Mrs You-Know-Who and that makes me smile now, leaning on my mop. In her lifetime she was like a rainy day, her words a constant drip of blame, folk would huff and puff at her latest outburst, mostly she never drew breath from complaining about them – yet she is remembered with compassion , the woman who thought no one would remember.

The human heart is strange, but in all of us, there is that of God.

I sing these words as I mop,

There shall be showers of blessing”
This is the promise of love:
There shall be seasons refreshing,
Sent from the Saviour above

Showers of blessing,
Showers of blessing we need:
Mercy drops round us are falling,
But for the showers we plead.

Later in the afternoon all those born before 1945 were invited by a group of young people from St Michael’s school to tea and cake in the Church Hall. Now I am really happy to say, I was n’t born before 1945, but I unlocked the hall for them and made sure they would be warm enough and took a few photos before leaving them to make friends.

Showers of Blessing disguised as Cup-Cakes”

I heard this evening that there will be other meetings-meetings between young and old with outings and other treats to be planned. I think even Mrs You-Know-Who would have been pleased and found a home with this group.

Me, I find comfort in believing that not all young people turn into lead thieves or vandals .. Some are caught in showers of blessing, some are, themselves blessings!

When we meet with a blessing let’s not put up an umbrella, rather let us let those ‘Raindrops keep falling on our heads


2 thoughts on “Showers of Blessing and Mrs You-Know-Who Plus Cake

  1. love the song….. always helps to sing and find a spot of joy. wonderful that young and old are finding ways to interact…. those cupcakes look good!

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