Breaking Eggs, Making a New Start


You can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg.

To finish we have to begin, a painting needs the first brush stroke, a book the first word, a journey the first step.

But we don’t stop with one omelette, unless the first was appallingly bad, or one painting, one book, one Journey. If first attempts turn out badly most cooks, artists, writers or travellers will have another go.

That would be my advice for anyone embarking on a spiritual journey, if things don’t seem to turn out as you planned, have another go. It seems to be true, that we learn more by our failures than we do our successes, but beware of pride, In fact in matters of faith we should beware of the things which we seem to get gold stars and praise for. It is not us to whom the glory should go. We should not be known for our wonderful personality more than The Lord should be praised for the fruits of our secret giving and deeds, and our best prayers are the ones He alone hears in our secret closet.

Why am I writing this now, well Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent, the time of giving, and collecting, and charitable doing is underway … Do we need a special season to do all these things?


Do we need to make sure that we get the credit for our charitable acts?
No. The one who sees in secret knows what we do and also the motivation of our hearts. Charity is not Charity when done for vainglory.

Sometimes the egg which The Lord most wants us to break into his bowl is our pride, follow that by selfish motivation and will, and He will be happy with the resulting dish.

Advent is a time like a Lent, for preparing and making new, many lovely people will have that hope of renewing their hearts, of becoming the persons we are meant to be. What we all need, I feel is to remember that is only achievable if we allow The Lord to to break eggs. Renewal is His work. Let’s not put our self in his way.

He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new”
(Revelation 21v5)

May it be so.


5 thoughts on “Breaking Eggs, Making a New Start

  1. Amen! This is an ongoing process that we must never give up. When we are weak He is strong! All of our being is to be renewed by Him! I surrender my all to the King! Blessings, Natasha

    1. Bless you Natasha, like you I surrender my all, and ask forgiveness for those times when my all doesn’t want to be surrendered, and those miraculous times when The Lord says He is satisfied with my struggles and gives grace. No such thing as a perfect Christian is there? We just serve a perfect God.

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