new work

I give thanks for the Lord’s faithfulness to this church and his family everywhere!

From an other-wise-sane perspective

if you’ve been wondering why i’ve been a little scarce lately, have been working on building a website. it is almost finished, just needs a few more things.

but have set up a blog for the pastor and the church, and wanted to share that and she is new to blogging and if you could be supportive, would be really great!

thanks so much ….

will reblog her first blog here, and hope you visit.

on the page i designed, used a black-and-white motif with banner photos in black and white to blend well with the Methodist red. so tones of grey and red. added some stylized grey brick accent. sort of proud that i was able to do some of the more complex coding for the embed projects.


can click on the picture to go to the site.

and the church blog is at:

visit and follow ……

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