A Pebble and a Rock to Keep


The bears sitting on my sofa, in the empty arm chair, arrived over time. As my Mum grew older my niece and nephew gave her a new one every birthday, she particularly liked the one that sings ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ – although I have given many away – I keep just a few; after all they don’t make much noise and very little mess. My abiding memory of Mum is that she was a very strong person, steady, plucky, determined, resourceful. To my knowledge she never let anyone down, and would stand up to the devil himself to protect her family. When her grandchildren came along, she loved them just the same way. My Mum, I am proud to declare was a ‘Rock’

Yesterday’s Gospel Reading, came from the first chapter of St John’s a Gospel, and we heard about Andrew bringing his brother Simon to meet Jesus. The rest as they say ‘is history’ Jesus looked at Peter and said, “You are Simon son of John. You will be called Cephas (which when translated is Peter). Cephas is Aramaic, Peter is Greek both mean rock

I think, as I get older, I do get more like my dear Mum, and I would like to think that one day, someone’s abiding memory of me would be that I was a rock.

Of all the thousands of pebbles on a very pebbly beach, Jesus picks up one, turns it over, examines it carefully, holding it he feels its weight, and let’s his fingers explore its smoothness and hardness.
There is something about this pebble. The Lord decides, he will keep it and puts it in his pocket.

Down through the years he keeps it. His fingers polish it and the pebble becomes what The Lord knew it was all along – a gemstone – fit to adorn his palace.

How big a blessing would that be, a little gemstone set in the pavement those beautiful feet pass over…

In a way, we are all called to be rocks, living stones, what we often forget is the fashioning into a stone fit for his palace takes time, there is Grace that saves and there is Grace that transforms, there is hope for us all, after all Peter it was who denied 3 times that he knew Jesus and 3 times The Rock called Christ Jesus forgave him.

I read somewhere, that someone could not understand the emphasis that some Christians put on the person of Jesus when they blog, well for me the scripture says it nicely, in coming into this world Jesus became just as we are (without the sin) that we might become just as he is, it is always precious to me when people say, ‘You’re like your Mum, I can see your Mum in you.’ On occasion I have heard someone say, ‘I can see Jesus in you,’ However, I don’t think so, not yet; but I hope. I hope and I put my faith in him, I love him, because he first loved me, and I believe that love will finish the work begun when first The Lord first noticed this pebble on the beach.

May all your days be lovely, and all your friends ‘rocks’ and ‘keepers’

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