Give Me a Sight….


Suddenly, tucked away in a place you wouldn’t expect, spring crocuses shine out.

It’s that way often with God’s truth. In places we least expect with people we wouldn’t think, in ways we didn’t dream of.

Listening carefully in a group discussion, Roger, whose cancer is in remission asked with some seriousness.

“Why did Jesus say then, when he was on the cross, “Why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:34)

Gently, his friend replied, “Oh Roger, for 33 years, our Father heard Jesus’ every prayer, but this time he had to look away. He gave our Saviour that bitter cup to drink because our sins were nailed to the cross with him. God couldn’t help him then, he had to look away until the work was done, our sins destroyed.”

Roger seemed content, but the one who had answered went away marvelling that she herself had never ‘seen’ it quite so clearly before,
Later, acting on a sudden impulse, she bought white cyclamen in a pot to put in the prayer place. Gazing at them, she heard, unmistakably, clearly a quiet voice.

“What price? Holiness.”

She didn’t need to think much about her reply, “My cyclamen cost a few pence, my sanctification cost you, everything Lord”

She was literally stunned to silence and rapt attention, because she had never seen it so clearly before.

Give me a sight, O Savior,
Of Thy wondrous love to me,
Of the love that brought Thee down to earth,
To die on Calvary.

Oh, make me understand it,
Help me to take it in,
What it meant to Thee, the Holy One,
To bear away my sin.

Was it the nails, O Savior,
That bound Thee to the tree?
Nay, ’twas Thine everlasting love,
Thy love for me, for me.

Oh, wonder of all wonders,
That through Thy death for me,
My open sins, my secret sins,
Can all forgiven be.

Then melt my heart, O Savior,
Bend me, yea, break me down,
Until I own Thee Conqueror,
And Lord and Sov’reign crown.
(K. A. M. Kelly 1869-1942)

Why white flowers?

Well, perhaps you may see the answer, suddenly, clearly. Let me know what you think?


7 thoughts on “Give Me a Sight….

  1. I think that was His greatest pain to be without His Father for that moment – for that brief moment – so we would not feel that pain for all eternity! All sins paid for. It is finished! This is what He said! There’s nothing left for us to do but praise Him! White and spotless like the Lamb. Beautiful piece. Thank you!

    1. A dear old friend used to delight in telling us about the picture ‘The light of the world’ that we had to let The Lord into our heart, more and more I am beginning to see, that just as our gracious God does not force his presence on us, neither does he thrust those white flowers of holiness on us, we can refuse them not knowing their worth! Thank you for your visit and kind words.

  2. Sunday tears of joy! I cannot imagine what it took for the Father to turn His back on His beloved Son.–just so that we, ungrateful as we can be, could be reconciled by faith. This was a beautiful post!! Thank you for sharing it. ((Hugs))

    1. Ah Skye, are we not the most blessed people, privileged people, to see his gentleness in dealings with us. One of my favourite hymn lines, goes like this, ‘Warm, sweet, tender, even yet, a present help is he, faith has still its Olivet, and love its Galilee’ … His children see things the world cannot see?

      1. That is beautiful. I am going to try and find that on youtube. Yes, we are the most blessed people!! I know my life is filled with abundant blessing even in the face of adversity and sad things that happen. I cannot imagine not having Him to turn to when things get hard.

        Thank you again!! ((Hugs))

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