Oh Yes, I Really Said That

Often men credit women with having far too much to say. Sometimes that can be true!

Yes, I a woman, really said that, but,

Sometimes men can also have far too much to say.

Borrowing an expression from Saint Paul, ‘ I know a woman in Christ who heard The Lord speaking to her from the mountain top, “Woman you will be a sweet savour, when you have learnt to hold your tongue.”

Yes you really just read that as well!

What that woman keeps hidden in her heart is the gentleness, the sweetness of the rebuke, for more than 40 years she has remembered, held on to that sweet, still tone.

On another occasion the same woman was given a vision of The Lord Jesus who sat silently and spoke not a single word, but listened.

Oh yes she questioned why a vision, but not a word?

If you are a man, you may well be smiling to yourself at all this, and perhaps saying to yourself, “Probably he couldn’t get a word in edge-wise”

It is an age-old controversy between men and women isn’t it? Women should speak less and listen more, and after all, didn’t Saint Paul say, that he, Paul, didn’t suffer a woman to speak?

Read how Jesus took three men to a high mountain top, ( Mark 9: 2-8) and how there Peter, James and John saw Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus whose appearance became dazzling bright, read of Peter being so afraid, he didn’t know what to say, and then both read and listen to the words from the Divine Voice which came from the cloud,

“This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him!”

Yes. Men should also listen before they speak and isn’t there a gentle rebuke there … On that mountain, these 3 men heard from heaven of how our Saviour would die, but wasn’t it Mary, a woman who believing his testimony anointed the body of Christ with expensive perfume beforehand at the house in Bethany? (John 12v3), after he had washed their feet.

The Divine Voice still speaks to us today, in the midst of all our squabbles, and there are far too many squabbles in our churches, and between them concerning questions that The Lord is willing to answer if we will just listen, really listen in faith believing to what the Spirit has to say to the churches.


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