For You From The Garden

For You

Let the dreams that are gone, sleep fast my love,
And the tears and fears of yesterday’s storm,
For the darkness you saw is past, my love,
So smile and a new day is born.
The seasons of life will go on my love,
And the sails of your ship may be torn,
But the secrets beneath your feet my love,
Are the flowers that are yet to be born.
Let the tears that you shed fall sweet my love,
For the pain goes and rainbows come without warning.
All the seasons will surely return my love
And new life will be born in the dawning.

All is green, fresh, springing green, the gardens are reborn. I find that a walk in a garden brings vividly to mind the events of that first Easter morning, perhaps it took time for the shock of the events of the trial, crucifixion and appearance of the risen Jesus in the garden to wear off before his friends finally entered into Easter Joy; after all they had suffered an horrendous, cruel bereavement. The poem, I have been asked to read this one on a couple of occasions, brings the Easter Garden to mind for me, “secrets beneath our feet” … All those beautiful things shared with loved ones gone ahead into the next life before us, sown in trust they hold the promise of joy yet to be as did all the memories, and words of Jesus left in trust in the hearts of his disciples and friends, these secrets became the flowers and fruit of the Gospel which still growing, still springing fresh from the Word today.

The Easter Garden in the photograph was designed and made by my lovely friend Trish Cornford for the church porch this year I post it with the hope that the Easter Garden and the poem will bring comfort to anyone who is sorrowful at this time.

With blessings,


3 thoughts on “For You From The Garden

    1. Thank you Ajay. Just took a peel. Absolutely stunning. A blog to come back to, time after time. I hop anyone who reads this.. Will follow there, because what is there lifts heart, soul and spirit. Blessings

      1. Awwww thank you so much dear 🙂

        the aim of this blog is excellent pictures as well all the relevant information for the new gardener, I feel it will help many 🙂

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