Love Must Be Sincere/Mind The Light

I pass by them every time I walk up the hill, sometimes in the grey light of early morning, they are curled up in sleepy balls; sometimes the night dew has sprinkled them with crystals. But I can offer no painting by renowned artist, no poem, not even a good photograph (this one’s my own making). No florist is going to display these wayside flowers in the window, but these little flowers have a message and a lesson for me.

They are simple, sincere, honest, no pretence, no fussiness. They are beautiful because they are what they are. Once the sun is up and they are basking in the light they are wide open and what they reveal is their heart.

Often, people are not like that and neither is the love they seem to offer. Yes they put on a good show; over zealous with hugs and kisses and their love can be costly to them as they shower others with expensive gifts, promises and words… Yet there are those things which they never reveal to the light.

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil, cling to what is good” (Romans 12.9)
“Love must be without dissimulation.” (KJV)

To dissimulate, so the Oxford Dictionary says, is to hide or disguise our true feelings.

Sad isn’t it? That these are words written for the guidance of Christians, but necessarily so.

From time to time we all need to look inside and to our Teacher within us, and to set our minds on those things which are pure, they guide us to God; oh so very much we need to “Mind the light” to learn from the Light, learning from him; we will find ourselves growing in the light, learning to love aright; no need to hide or disguise our true feelings then.

Your opinion welcome!


5 thoughts on “Love Must Be Sincere/Mind The Light

  1. My opinion? Well, I’m a sap who’s watery eyes cannot be disguised.
    No shame in tears – think “communion with the Saints”,
    when you revel in others achievements.
    Be very human, I say.
    Uncle Tree

  2. what it means to have an open heart — maybe to be in tune with possibility. pretense is often a shield. so can only the strong be open with their caring? or what does it mean to be sincere? i mostly consider social niceties( or all the fake) –as immature and not part of any thinking or rational adult. or there are those who would rather plot and scheme, and who consider the pretense of caring as another arrow in their quiver.

    1. A think you are a minder of the light, Eileen. Jesus said ‘Let not your right hand know what your left hand does’ like our praying out giving and caring are often most thoughtfully and better done quietly, secretly, but Jesus shows his care and tenderness by openly weeping at the tomb of Lazarus, Mary great generosity in pouring perfume over his feet. It is easy I think to grow cynical these days, and we should avoid that, but examining our motives and our true feelings from time to time, is good … Paul writes that we should hate what is evil and cling to what is good, true love and caring at the end of the day can’t be hidden, perhaps really this is all about purifying our love and actions. Thank you for the positive light you have shed here.

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