“Take my Rose, and not a thorn!”

Take my Rose and not a thorn!”

I was twenty when The Lord Jesus whispered those words to me; his Rose, I recall the picture as vividly as the words, was a deep, deep red. Although I could see no thorn, my cynical mind supposed there just had to be one. We are like that, aren’t we, the best, most beautiful things are just too good to be true.

There was and never has been, down through the years since, a thorn – not a single one. The Love of God has no thorns; we cannot say the same of our own love, either for God of each other. Human love needs the the work of the Heavenly Gardener.

I write this because as I read so many beautiful words from beautiful souls on the internet,I see that many often impale themselves on thorns that just aren’t there. What I mean is that looking inwardly they see and know many faults and because they cannot overcome them by self will or strength. They agonise, suffering pricks and scratches. One way out is to credit and blame others with our faults; if only so and so hadn’t, if only this or that hadn’t happened, then I wouldn’t be the person I see in the mirror.
The other is to believe that God can’t love us or forgive us, and so we hate ourself and absent ourselves from fellowship.

Please give it up!
Give all the agony, excuses and blame, give that person reflected in the mirror to The Lord Jesus. He will accept you, and receive your love as a precious rose. Yes, The Lord sees your faults, they are the thorns that scratch; he has given us the mirror of self reflection so that we might see them, but, if he had not given us the Light of life to see them by, we would not see them at all! No one sees anything in pitch darkness.

“If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his son purifies us from all sin” (1 John 1.7)

We are God’s children if we walk in the light, take his rose, his love, and not a thorn, Christ wore the thorny crown so we should not. Confess, say sorry, do these things, but don’t hide your cheek from his kiss of forgiveness and peace.

I use a pink rose here, because I could not find a red one. No matter, the best of all human love is pale in comparison with the Divine Love of God.

Please share your roses if you wish.



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