Pentecost Pearl Seekers

Lord, we wait.
Our prayer a breath.

Wait like a bride,
for the kiss of the bridegroom;
Wait like a ship in harbour
for the tide;
Wait like Eagle on mountain top,
Until heated by the Sun, thermal currents rise,
Then plunging into air she flies-
On wings of
perfect trust.

Lord with,
The kiss of your breath,
Quicken our heartbeat,
Ready us to sail with the tide
On impulse of your love,
Warm us until wings beating as one,
We trust ourself to the Spirit’s power,
And to You in unity

Lord you call,
“Come fly;
Come take ship with me;
Come take my hand.
Let us go together,
seeking Pentecost Pearls.
A ship was meant to sail.
An Eagle to fly.
Bride to dance with Bridegroom-
Let us sail with the tide,
with Tidings of Love”

“Amen,” says the Bride.
” My love is yours.
We sail with the tide.”



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I'm grateful to God for all the blessings of this life but a pilgrim on earth and a stranger. Blessed with many friendships, happy to be a friend to all who are seeking ....

3 thoughts on “Pentecost Pearl Seekers”

  1. beautiful write, I did the children’s sermon for Pentecost with the theme being air filling balloons as the Spirit completes the church. Waiting for the wind to fill the sails, there is a faith that allows a destination always there.

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