A Giant Felled

Finally, fateful decision, made the Buddleia has been reduced to two heaps of branches and several large bags of green foliage; this was a giant of Buddleia kind, home to, possibly, several millions of butterfly, and moth caterpillars: I had known it since it was a twig, the decision was painful but necessary, during rainstorms a year it two back, it’s roots had slipped in the soft earth and it no longer grew upright but diagonally, a 14ft giant blocking the path and effectively cutting off the rest of the garden.

It took 3 of us 4 hours to commit this crime. I did feel a criminal the destroyer of worlds, but I notice my friends the Robins. Thrushes and Tits seem to have taken its passing remarkably well and I now have a sizeable piece of ground to plant again, this time with smaller plants. But all the same I miss it…

I have been musing that some church fellowships have their giants, like my beautiful Buddleia, we have known them since we or they were twigs: they have been so good, so great, how would we do or manage without them if suddenly, they aren’t with us anymore.

Might we not become aware of those smaller church members, we hardly noticed before, and find that they are just as kind, just as attractive. Because you know, I think the Heavenly Gardener hasn’t invested all his sweetness, grace and gifts in one or even a few of us,

But to each of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it”(Ephesians 4 v7)

Now a photo of 2 heaps of wood is hardly an encouraging sight, so I decided to use this one, the bees just love the Lupins and the birds like to feast on the seeds, to remind myself that The Lord’s sweetness is shared out .. Some to the small as well to the great.


4 thoughts on “A Giant Felled

  1. We’re trying to decide whether to cut an ash tree whose roots are making a mess of our driveway. . . I think that it’s going to make it through this summer, but its days are numbered. 🙂

  2. I love the analogy that you made. Today at church our favorite worship leader will be leading the praise time, and I’ve often wondered who could possibly replace him and his wife if they should ever move. This post reminds me to rest in the providence of God in everything.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    1. This Wendy is true, The Lord does provide for his church, it is also true I think, that sometimes we hide our gifts away .. Out of love, respect, admiration for the really gifted, so we don’t grow. Wishing you a lovely week ahead. Your blessings returned.

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