Go Write A Letter

Dear readers and writers,

I don’t get much time for reading and reading for me has been a lifetime’s pleasure; yesterday afternoon I made time to finish reading an edition of the “Complete Poems of Wilfred Owen” which also contains his collected letters. Touchingly the last letter is preceded by a page with just the words. “The Last Letter” within a few short days, Susan Owen’s loving son was dead, fallen in the war to end all wars, which sadly didn’t.

None of us can know what tomorrow will bring, if it is important to us we should say it today, better still write it down. If it is true, straight from our heart and our heart is a true heart those words will remain far longer than we will.

iPads, Tablets, mobile phones, hard drives, backups, all these in time will let us down, data will be lost, corrupted, the most powerful words in history the writings that have inspired mankind, have lived on, preserved on clay/ wax tablets, scrolls and humble paper and these words have been the words of the heart.

Bother the cost of postage, don’t put it in an email, write it in a letter use old fashioned paper, write in old fashioned ink, and trust it to the post man. You know in one of his letters, Owen writes that the soldier carrying the post had fallen in a river, but the post was still delivered, having been soaked it was still readable, those letters completed their mission successfully. And so will our words, honest words carry in themselves the power to encourage, to console, to strengthen, they give hope, most importantly they say,

“I love you.”

You can fold a letter up, keep it close.

I need not write any more, so here this letter ends, as all letters should with love and regards,

God Bless

6 thoughts on “Go Write A Letter

    1. 😃I like that ‘snail’ mail. It is true that in 1918 it a letter posted in the UK could. E received in 2/3 days at the front line, a post card back home posted on the first day of a holiday usually arrives after we get home, but this is progress no? Also, I am informed, the trains ran on time in those days too. Nice to hear from you, thanks for visiting.

  1. makes me think of how my husband and i carved our initials in a tree, an entire grove with pledges of love carved into their trunks. went back at one point after there was a fire, and it was all gone. life is fleeting, and we do what we can to leave a mark. but maybe the best marks are on the hearts of others. i like snail mail, too. also much better for official business and letting people know you’re serious. 🙂

    1. Agreed the very best marks are the ones we leave on the hearts of others especially the ones placed with tenderness and warmth. The marks left by my mom keep me warm on the coldest of days when I would rather not do anything all they encourage me to get up, get going.

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