Not The Least Pebble On The Beach

How easy it is to lose track of the time when busy, and sometimes how easy to lose track of friends. Did you have a Kaleidoscope as a child? Fascinating wasn’t it, how those tiny glass particles would come together form a pattern and then at a turn fly apart and form something new.

Life is like that, full of turns, comings together and, sadly partings.

I love reading but sadly don’t have much reading time nowadays, still I tackle a chapter or two when I can; (that is reading other than scripture which forms part of daily prayer.)

I have just finished reading “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini because the author writes from several character viewpoints, I think it would have been better to have had longer periods of time each session of reading, but that is not a criticism of the writer. I found the story/stories moving and compelling… The ending, like life, sad yet happy, satisfactory but not altogether satisfactory. I’m not going to give the ending away entirely just in case you are reading it now.

What was fascinating kaleidoscope wise was the interweaving of the characters personal stories. The way each person in some way overcame difficulties, the way in which they fly apart and come together interacting to bring about the final resolution of the two principal characters story.

Yes, I believe that things do work out, that what is lost can be found, I also believe that no one is ever lost to God, that if we seek we shall find, I think it is true also He is amazingly good at kaleidoscope making and that He knows every pebble on the beach, sure they all look alike but not one single pebble is the ‘least pebble‘ in His eyes, not one is overlooked and we may not count the ways He has of making sure all are washed up on the right beach .,

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