Monday morning and I wonder if I can summon enough energy for this morning. Let alone the rest of the week.

At such a time I am sure to find on my favourite Word Press sites, pictures and a fullness of inspiring quotes and comments but it does occur to me that there are many with low energy resources who may feel too tired and drained even to look. Yes, there are many, many inspiring scriptures to encourage our heart, soul and spirit if only we have the energy to look fur them to read them. The largeness if that little word if should not be underestimated at such times. A person drained of physical energy is like a soggy leaf sitting on top of a puddle, going nowhere fast, well at least for ‘a time, and times and a half a time’ (Daniel 12 v7)

Sitting quietly I was given a vision of cascading white, white water, tumbling down with energy, power, speed – living, vital water.

Water does more than satisfy thirst, it brings life to dry, thirsty places, the Holy Spirit carries the word of God, it provides the power and energy, just as as water turns wheels to power a mill, or make electricity ..

Sitting by a such a waterfall I would consider myself a very foolish woman if I did not reach out and taste this gift, for myself. Believe me, I have and can find the energy to do this, like the water it is given.

If you read this and are tired, then I pray that “Coming to Jesus as you are, weary, worn and sad .. You will find your thirst quenched your soul revived.. “He is our resting place, but more than that He gives power to live by, life in all it’s fullness and abundance – be blessed, taste and see how gracious The Lord is (Psalm 34)


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