Books and Doodles

I don’t seem to be posting much lately, but I am still reading your posts and learning, always learning. My headmistress said, as I was about to leave school which I loved, for the world of work that I would never stop learning. Some people, she told me had a passion for just learning for the love of it, taking delight in accumulating knowledge of all sorts. I suppose that is true of me. The room in which I was born was full of books, come to think of it. In those days, accommodation was hard to find, my parents first home was in my Grandfathers house, and what had once been the Sunday Best Room answered for many purposes.

The books?

Well, they were actually a library of hard backs, classical literature, Astronomy, Philosophy. Psychology. Atlases, Dictionaries, you name it, they were all there, together with the collections of stories about girls at boarding schools much loved by my Mum as a girl. Originally they had belonged to a wealthy local family and passed on to Mum who had lost her mother at the age of eleven.

Books, Mum said were good friends, “Open a book and you never know where you will find yourself”

She was right. And for her those books filled many of otherwise lonely hours.

Regretfully, time for reading is a little restricted these days, but I feel enriched, by those books which have befriended me on my life’s journey and instructed me in so many things, cooking, science. Art, music .. People, right and wrong… You probably have your own list.

My good friends Jane and Vera love to knit, Jane creates lovely garments for orphans all over the world, Vera made lots of small knitted bears for last years Christmas Fayre, because if I began knitting nowadays I would never get around to finishing it I simply don’t begin any. I do sometimes pick up a pencil and have quick doodle, so I thought my five minute doodle of Vera’s knitted bear might amuse you but art critics note I shall take your criticism about as seriously as I took the doodle!

My favourite book?

A copy sits on the sofa, and it’s pages are turned frequently, like a good friend it can be depended on for wisdom and direction in all of life’s seasons, twists and challenges, it is a wise, dependable friend, the Word of God, and I do take it seriously, far more seriously than my artwork.

Whatever you read this weekend enjoy it, but consider opening the Bible, the book that is rightly called, “The Book if Books.”


9 thoughts on “Books and Doodles

  1. my grandmum kept a whole wall of books….. toward my teen years i was close to finishing them all. had a family bible big as a house…..i think personal libraries are important. and yes, they must contain a bible 🙂

    1. I rather think Eileen that the Great Author gives writers their gift, it is true that all writing is not Scripture but a gifted writer always seem to inspire much good in the world, so please never give up writing your own poems and prose. You value kindness so much that there can be no doubt that your words will inspire kindness, balance and integrity in others. Thank you for your visit.

  2. I am always pleased when you post, so I am glad I read this. I grew up in a home that treasured books and we had them, handed down for generations. Many were old and crumbling but I started reading when I was four years old and by the time I was seven, I was reading the books my grandmother gave me, like Elsie Dinsmore and Rosemary and Peter and Prue. I think with our childhoods filled with people who honoured books, we both grew up loving to read and seeking knowledge. ❤

    1. Yes I think we did, I could read on my first day at school, and still have some very old books and can quite understand why some are happy to pay for rebinding, I do use an ereader, but doubt very much that ebooks will enjoy such long life, but if they encourage young people to read .. I approve. Thank you for reading and your encouraging comment.

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