Catching a breath and taking regard

So here we are looking down the road to Holy Week and Easter. I am so glad that life is less rushed, less busy, despite my Martha ways, I am really a Mary, delighting in just being at the Masters feet.

How strange it is, that just when we should be slowing down in readiness for Easter Day, that Churches get busier and busier. I am so sure that all the preparations, the Bustle and Hustle, the sacrifice of time and effort, is never so sweet to the Lord Jesus as that precious half hour, when it is just Him and us, and in the stillness we are who we are, no pretence, no fuss, just Him and us.

Somewhere, in the book of books, we read that the Lord regards us from on high, and you know I like that word “regards” – it’s not as though the Lord so much as looks down on us from lofty heights, but that He sees us as we are, takes us we are, and still finds something to love in each one of us. He knows us through and through, (Psalm 139 says it much better than I ever could) God is truly acquainted with all our ways, but still loves us. And that love I know for myself when I am still, when I am quiet, when like Mary I look up and regard my Saviour’s face. When Mary looked up and regarded the face of Jesus on that last visit to their little house, when Martha peeked through the door, what did they see there, weariness, sadness, resolve. I would be happy to hear your thoughts on that, I think He noticed their looking, and was comforted by their regard, yes that word again, I think he read love in their looking, and that in his looking back was Love, regard.

However you prepare for Easter, let the Lord Jesus bless you, just sit still, be yourself and look up. 

This painting, a watercolour, was made by a friend, who died recently. She suffered her illness patiently with true Christian hope, desiring to be re-United with her dear husband Bert. I think it is a Red Kite, regarding the fields below, from on high.

Lord, open our eyes and we shall behold your glory

Lord, open our ears and we shall hear your call

Lord, open our hearts and we shall know your love

Lord, open our lives and we shall reveal your glory

(prayer from The Open Door by David Adam)

With my kindest regards,



2 thoughts on “Catching a breath and taking regard

  1. I know what you mean about the hustle and bustle. Many a times I find myself getting all agitated, irritated, bugged, and whatever else cuz I’ve got my Martha attitude happenin’ again while trying to get some things done. That’s why I love how the Lord says to His people in the OT to make a reminder with just stones. And of how Jesus says to do something in remembrance of Him. So whenever I see really fancy communion tables, I wonder if they’re really needed. And I think about how a plain ‘ole table where communion can be done by just focusing on Him (and not on the fancy table, like I do). Sorry, I’m rambling. But your post had brought some thoughts to mind for me. Thanks for sharing the beautiful painting that your friend had painted herself. Oh how wonderful that you knew such an artist. I hope that I too can create a work of art one day.

    1. First things first, thank you for your visit and kind comments. Perhaps like me you feel that the most sacred space we can offer to the Lord is our heart, I love singing, and singing when I am all alone is a habit, but I feel that another sacred space is the space we make by just being quiet, and allowing the Lord to get a word in edgeways. Best wishes to you my new wordpress friend.

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