A Fresh Outlook

The very first story I ever heard was that of Jesus inviting his disciples to come and have breakfast on the beach, by the Sea of Galilee, it went home in such a close way that I never forgot the fish count, 153. It went straight to my heart, my memory.

Over the last few months I have been listening to the gentlest whisper;

‘Come and have breakfast!’

And that, has been my spiritual experience, a quiet, leisurely breakfast with the Lord – precious.

Perhaps that is why, since no one else, wanted the job, I volunteered to come up with something for our baptistery/font for our recent flower festival. Now I’m not a flower arranger, I like to see my flowers growing, or else in a vase, so this is what I came up, I thoroughly enjoyed it, Working in the whole space, by myself, with sand, shells, pebbles, pot plants, net and silver fishes made by children’s hands, and you know every now and again, I am sure I heard the lap of water …. Here’s the finished,( not so masterly), masterpiece. It was good to be a little girl again!

Fishers of Men
Fishers of Men

My favourite story can be read in John chapter . I feel sure that this little bit of child’s play has given me a whole fresh outlook on life.

May you be blessed

6 thoughts on “A Fresh Outlook

  1. This is lovely. I really like the idea of having breakfast with the Lord. And beautifying your church with flowers is such a generous and creative way to express His love for us.

    1. Thank you for your visit, Beth. I enjoyed my ‘bit of a mess’ and it was such an encouragement to have so many friends chipping in with the ingredients, shells, pebbles, sand, it seems you only have to ask. Can I take this opportunity to say a special thank you to you for your friendship too!

  2. That’s wonderful that you had stepped up to do the job and had volunteered to do it. Totally admire you taking that leap even though flower arranging wasn’t your thang in the first place. Makes me think of the time when I had to decorate a room for a party, and I had never done so before. Folks around me were surprised. But really, I had never decorated for a birthday party or any party ever. Lately, I’ve been volunteering to help clean up the rooms used for the children’s ministries at my church. That’s been going swell. But volunteering to be a teacher’s assistant for elementary students for just a couple of times had been – oy! O.O

    1. I think that you volunteering to clean up the children’s room very commendable, we are hoping to start something called ‘Messy Church’ soon – over in the Church Hall – because messy is just what it will be, its a way of doing church with parents and children together. involves a lot of craft works, as well as stories, worship. If you were nearer, I guess you’d be just the person to have around. Best wishes.

    1. Oh what a lovely surprise to find this message, today. 2016 is well on its way now- I have been busy listening and learning- probably doing far too much of too many things, maybe I can get my thinking cap on and do something about this site now. I think it needs re-decorating, rethinking,- all suggestions gratefully received as long as they are not rude ones. Going to visit your blog now in the hope of seeing how your girls have grown

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