You must keep steady all the time

St Paul in the evening of his life, sent words of encouragement to the younger Timothy;

You must keep steady all the time’

At the start of another year, I am taking that advice with me through the year that is now and although I can look back and remember times of sadness and disappointment, I don’t look forward to retirement from His Majesty’s Service yet.

It is my witness that God provides for all my needs in Christ Jesus, all my needs in all ways and I do know the abundance of eternal life now … it is not pie in the sky when I die, but the True Bread from Heaven now… the Joy of God’s table every day.

My dear friends, we are already God’s children,

But what we shall be in the future has not yet been revealed.

We are well aware that when he appears

We shall be like Him

Because we shall see Him as He really is’

2 Tim 4:5

1 John 3:2

All scriptures NJB

The sign was a Christmas Gift from my newphew.


9 thoughts on “You must keep steady all the time

    1. Yes. He is pretty awesome himself. Just left home aged 46 years to live in own house and his Mum has to go and show him how washing machine works. Does excellent job as legal representative in court room but can’t knock a nail in straight. Love him to bits. God grant you success in all you do this year. Thanks for visiting., πŸ˜‡β™₯️

  1. Thanks for your like of my post, ” Israel 4 – The Preparation Of Moses – A Peek Into The End Times;” I really appreciate your kindness.

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