What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Well these days names are not what they were; during a year many babies, young people, sometimes an adult, but the latter are rare, are bought to my church to be baptised, and very strange names seem to be given, often the same name is given to two or three children in the Same service (we baptise up to as many as five children at a time), the same name but spelt differently. Pasted on the inside of the ancient wardrobe door in the Clergy Vestry, is an extremely old, yellowing paper listing names suitable for ‘ Christening’ babies – boys on the left, girls on the right. There are very few names on that list; and very few of them are used nowadays.

I have two Christian names, incredibly both are forms of the Hebrew, John. I doubt very much that my father realised that when he registered my birth, but I also have a nickname, one given through the Holy Spirit. Which I have been told is a suitable sobriquet, (a rather posh name word, for a person’s nickname.)

And my nickname?


I questioned the Lord Jesus about this, and He answered because, I was small, fresh and green like a “pay” … “pay” is how Black Country people pronounce pea.. not me, a kindly Head Teacher in my Junior School Days, carefully and slowly taught me better ways. Teachers are very important in our lives, in my latter school days I won awards for public speaking. But what did Jesus mean by small, fresh and green.

Well small of stature I certainly am at 5ft, and by fresh and green, I think He meant not worldly wise and far too trusting.

And then I discovered Pe in Psalm 119. 129~136

Wonderful are your instructions,

So I observe them.

As your word unfolds it gives light,

And even the simple understand.

I open wide my mouth,

Panting eagerly for your commandments.

Turn to me; pity me;

Those who love your name deserve it.

Keep my steps firm in your promise;

That no evil may triumph over me.

Rescue me from human oppression,

And I will observe your precepts.

Let your face shine on your servant,

Teach me your will.

My eyes stream with tears

Because your Law is disregarded.

I use this as a prayer sometimes. I marvel, (and smile, marvel is the name of a variety of pea) that all those years ago before I learnt how to Pronounce the Hebrew letter as at the top of this post, I became the Lord’s little pay

Posted in love for Jesus my Teacher and yours, who still ‘walks and talks with us’ today with a prayer that He keep my steps and your steps firm in the Father’s promise. Blessings.

Scriptures from NJB


6 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Cool! My names – John-Michael – mean “God’s gracious gift” and “godlike” respectively (I think that’s the right order 🙂 ); so, I have no name regrets (except sometimes wondering if I live up to them).

  2. 🦋 My two Christian names (in full) means ‘Christian Friendship’. Chrissy means ‘follower of Christ’.

    I enjoyed your post.

    Your words:
    “Keep my steps firm in your promise; That no evil may triumph over me.”
    are reassuring and compliment my morning Bible reading.

    Keep writing.

    1. Thank you Chrissy. I will try to keep writing. I love to express a little of what Christ means to me. Which is everything! Thank you for your visit and encouragement. For the record my first name is Jean my second Anne…. The nearest biblical feminine equivalent for both would be Johanna. Blessings.

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