To Wait is to Hope For, To Expect

The Other Side

“Carrying His own cross, He went out to the place of the skull, (which in Aramaic is called Golgotha”

John 19.17

To wait is to hope for, expect Colonel Cook’s handwriting told me… not sure what it was I did hope for in those days, but am sure that I did expect that my prayers would be heard and answered. In fact I was convinced that they would be. There was a solid reality behind those words of Jesus concerning asking, seeking and knocking.

Yet, I asked myself what did Jesus, Himself hope for,expect?

Well, he did not expect that life for him would be easy, comfortable and without its sorrows. He accepted whatever it pleased his Father in heaven to send or give. As a young woman he impressed upon me that I should do the same following Jesus meant accepting a share in difficulties, uncomfortable and sorrowful experiences.

Young people these days do hope for, and expect so much more than I did, in the worldly, material sense; I get the impression that it is common to believe that following Jesus, today is to be able to “have it all” in the worldly sense and still be a “celebrity” in the discipleship game.

We can’t.

First principles still apply.

“Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it”

Mark 10. 38 (N.I.V,”

Not the kind of thing which people wish to hear anymore, and even less popular the Bible Teaching on Holiness. The Teaching of the Beatitudes has sadly become simply “beautiful words” to read but not to practice. I think that is a deep sorrow for many Christians who find themselves labelled with all kinds of hurtful and discriminatory words, yes in this modern age of our where all kinds of discrimination are legislated against it is still possible, and highly likely that the faithful, devout, meek, gentle, kind sincere soul will be spoken against, called names and persecuted because they have committed the crime of following Jesus.

Gracious Saviour

You did teach us to expect our share of troubles in the world

You did tell us that in you we would find peace:

Give to us courage, endurance in the waiting and always your gentleness, love and forgiveness in times of opposition and persecution.

For love of us, your tears flowed in Gethsemane’s Garden:

For love of us, you accepted the Cup your Father placed into your hands.

Help us to do the same.


Always, Jean

3 thoughts on “To Wait is to Hope For, To Expect

  1. This morning in my devotion I was reading in the book of Exodus chapters 1-5 and I was how when Moses talked with God. Moses kept saying the what if’s. Each time God told him to do this he always said what if the people do not believe me? And I started to think of how we do the exact same thing. We go to God with our needs and the moment God responds we have those same what if’s like Moses did.

    And though God has patience with us He was angry with Moses and said that he can have Aaron accompany him and be his mouth piece to speak. Because Moses said his speech is not that great. And still God said I will give you the words to speak. Still Moses questioned the what it’s like we do.

    It just amazing me how God still helps us when we are still doubtful at times. Great posting you shared, I apologize for making this comment so lengthy.

    Have a bless and wonderful day!

    1. Comments welcome… we are all human and all prone to the what ifs, also all prone to every kind of weakness … but still God’s little remnant will make it up the hill of difficulty, with stumbles and falls included to the safety of the heavenly citadel. Christ is the guarantor of that… shalom

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