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Post No 10: “Get Wisdom”

WordPress said, ‘Now write Post Number 10’ and my brain asked, ‘But where is number 10, going to come from?’  As the writer of Proverbs (chapter 4, v7) says, I need to get wisdom, I need to get wised up.

Years ago, I planted Sage, Salvia officinalis, s. salvatrix to give Sage it’s Latin handle, in my garden.

Wise folk know that Sage is a shrubby herb, producing purple, pink or violet flowers during the summer and that it has far more uses than the making of Sage and Onion stuffing for the Sunday Roast.  They know that the name ‘salvia’ is from the latin, salvare which means to be in good health,  this herb has for a very long time signified immortality, hence s, salvatrix – Sage the Saviour.  So effective this plant’s medicinal properties that even the Romans had a proverb:

“How can a man die when he has Sage in his garden.”

Sage is noted as being good to help the nerves, good for the liver and digestion, its leaves are antiseptic and antifungal;  altogether a good plant with many beneficial uses that can be found in any good, ‘Herbal’ – but it is wise to be warned and always consult a qualified medical practitioner before taking any herbal remedy.

Before embarking on this blog, I was advised that learning WordPress was a steep learning curve. Wise advice. At this point of time, I honestly don’t know if I shall ever become proficient— but the joy is in the learning and the getting of  the wisdom.

Oh yes, there is wisdom to be found on WordPress.  Reading the other blogs gives me pleasure and is opening up pathways in Wisdom’s garden I have never walked before; I am enjoying the walk.  Thank you to WordPress and its bloggers for sharing your wisdom on all kinds of topics. What a loss to the world if the healthy secrets of Sage had not been shared and passed on….. and likewise those things you choose to share.

“Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding” (Proverbs 3:13), and here I am at post no. 10 still aspiring to ‘get wisdom’ to gain understanding and hearing the whisper of the Spirit in the words of other people in a new way.