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Daisies are our silver

Daisies are our silver, Buttercups our gold;

This is all the treasure we can have or hold.

Once upon a time, I used to sing this and once upon a time. my town was a village with a church on a hill top like an island surrounded by farms and small holdings.  The houses were few and scattered, roads and lanes narrow.  The last Tudor house was demolished in the 1960s, the last Georgian one a decade later, I pass beneath the shadow of the surviving wall and gate posts every time I walk up to the church, still on the hill top, the 4th building on one site. Sometimes I wonder; about days long gone, swallowed up by modern housing estates and far too much traffic and sigh.

Yes, I know from local archives exactly where that lady cousin of Henry VIII lived the one renowned for her dancing steps that gave my little street its name, but her house and the well stocked ornate fish pond that provided fish for Fridays and Lent have long vanished.

Nature, however has dug in with greater tenacity, the remnant of the hedgerow and burgeoing brambles spill on to the footpatch and evoke, for me the past. Those school holidays spent picking humble Blackberries for baking in Apple and Blackberry pies.  In these days when items with a high price tag are the only things deemed worthwhile who notices the blackberry bramble?  We leave in times wealth, and, for some, times of poverty; with food banks collecting basic food stuffs to help families in need.  Perhaps not so very much has changed down through the centuries since the First Norman Church was built on the hill top.

My friend is a proud grandmother, happily her grand daughters want for nothing.  She recalls the surprise on little faces when, whilst on holiday she suggested that they pick blackberries as they walked down a country lane. They owned Lap tops for school homework, and more toys than they will ever play with, but these little girls had never picked blackberries until now.  Afterwards both expressed their delight and enjoyed the pie Grandma made.

“The best things in life, are free” my friend replied. Picking blackberries has now become an annual event for these little girls.

Jesus said we would always have the poor amongst us, I hope you and your loved ones will never know what it is to want, recalling that Simon Peter did. Do you recall that standing at the gate called Beautiful one day, he said to a begging, lame man, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.” Acts 3;6