God Holds the Key of all Unknown

The end of another day, a dry, sunny but cold winter’s day, as night fell I found myself thinking about what is around the corner the other side of Christmas. What will the New Year bring? Already before the Old Year is rung out next years problems are beginning to make themselves known. Things look a bit scary, a bit grey and fuzzy now, there are problems needing solutions and ways forward to be looked for.

Sitting quietly on the floor, enjoying the warmth of the fire, I resolve to leave all in God’s hands, there is nothing that can be done just now.

God holds the key of all unknown,
And I am glad;
If other hands should hold the key,
Or if He trusted it to me,
I might be sad, I might be sad.”

“I cannot read His future plans;
But this I know:
I have the smiling of His Face
And all the refuge of His grace,
While here below”

“Enough! This covers all my wants,
And so I rest!
For what I cannot, He can see
And in a His care I saved shall be,
For ever blest.”

(Revd. J Parker)

In church the rain has ceased to pour in, the roof has been fixed, the bill paid. The Nativity figures are in the stable (under the altar table) and the scattered golden barley straw will gleam in the candle light. The big tree is dressed and I am looking forward to the first of 3 School Carol Services tomorrow, to excited children’s chatter and beaming faces. This had been a good year. God has been faithful and kept whispered promises.

As for next year, this is what I know I can count on,

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”

(Psalm 32v8)

If you are feeling uncertain of what the future will bring, take heart and courage.

God holds the key of all unknown

My little Christmas Tree


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