Would You Like Jam?


We were taught how to make Jam in Secondary School in what was then known as the Domestic Science Class. The teacher was, quite frankly, not as sweet as the jam, she was, you might say firm.
And firm, is exactly how some of the jam turned out, ‘couldn’t get the spoon in to get it out,‘ one girl complained, yet another had a jar of stuff you could pour out. So maybe jam-making should be approached scientifically. Any way, my jam wasn’t that bad, not that good either, but we ate it.
I can still remember the instructions that we were given but feel somehow, that the perfect jam takes perseverance and practice much as the spells taught at Hogwarts School of Magic do in the books. Correct measures, controlled cooking temperatures and times .. If jam making is your forte, I am not too old to learn from you, probably a little unscientific though but I do admire and enjoy your end-product, there is nothing so wonderful as home made jam. It is in fact magic!

Magic, used to be an expression quite commonly used to refer to any good result, or product. Working to put butter on your bread, is what you ended up doing when you finished school and when my friends and I finished our education we were happy to take up any job available, we were happy with butter on our bread, nowadays jam is an essential requirement as well; to use another time worn cliche we want jam on it. We also want our jam in new flavours, doesn’t matter how unlikely the ingredients seem, we will try anything once, providing it comes in a new kind of jar and the price is through the roof.

If you think this is a post about cliches, you would be wrong.

Everyday I pray, ” Give us today, our daily bread

I do not ask for either butter or jam, but for my daily bread, and everyday I am satisfied. I know that the Heavenly Father gives me the true bread from heaven, Jesus, (John 6 v32)and that is enough for me. Magic is not the word for this bread, Miraculous is entirely the word.

“I The Lord of wind and flame,
I will tend the poor and lame,
I will set a feast for them,
My hand will save.
Finest bread I will provide
Till their hearts be satisfied
I will give my life to them.
Whom shall I send?”

( Dan Schutte)

The Father sent the Son, and the Son is He who teaches me to ‘hold the Lord’s people in my heart’

What would I pray for you?

May your life be sweetened not with jam, but with the ‘bread of angels”


2 thoughts on “Would You Like Jam?

  1. I always hear about some countries having Domestic Science Classes. I can imagine that firm teacher you had and her sternness in making proper jam. Oy! Although I probably would have dreaded it, I bet I woulda learned a thing or too about cooking, if I had attended such a class.

    1. We didn’t just get cooking lessons. We learnt how to do such things as iron a short etc. how to put together ‘balanced’ meals .. Healthy eating, I think they would call it today, and importantly how to clean ovens after we had used them. All the things which kids dodge our of doing at home!

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